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Representing Australia for Design at FullCodePress

That's right Bjarni Wark from Bj2design is getting flown into New Zealand with five other highly talented Australians to participate in the FullCodePress 2010 Event. Full Code Press is a competition where all teams need to design, build and complete a website for a selected non-profit organisation within 24 hours.

Read more about FullCodePress.

fullcodepress Bjarni Wark

Logo Design - Michezo Youth Initiative, Kenya

Michezo Youth Initiative is a community youth sports program aimed at addressing the needs of street children within the Thika district, Kenya. Bj2design's logo design was selected for use on their website, banner signage, T-shirts and other promotional material.

Michezo Youth Initiative - Children playing soccer

Batemans Bay Web Design Classes

Bj2design over the last few years has been teaching web design classes at Eurobodalla Adult Education EAE in Batemans Bay. The course helped with understanding the basic fundamentals of structuring, building and maintaining a website. Basic HTML, plus skills to style text and add hyperlinks & images to a web site was taught.

Batemans Bay Chamber of Commerce

Bj2design accepted a position on the Batemans Bay Chamber of Commerce as an executive committee member for 2007-2008.

Semi Permanent 2007

Bjarni Wark from Bj2design attended the two day creative conference of speakers from around the world at Semi Permanent. Semi-Permanent 2007 included graphic design duo TOKO, illustrator James Jean, design studio BLK/MRKT, artist/ typographer Si Scott, illustrator Tiffany Bozic + more.

Semi-Permanent 2007 ticket

Manage your own Website

Bj2design can create a website that you can easily update information on your web pages. "It really is so easy for you to use and update your website information!". Contact bj2design for further imformation.

Exclusive Images Photography Website

Batemans Bay local wedding and portrait photographer - Jennifer Clarke's website is now complete and online. Exclusive Images Photography website has reduced mail out costs and reinforces the professional aspects of Jennifers business.

Exclusive Images Photography website

Greater Batemans Bay - Reference Member

Bjarni Wark's, (bj2design) nomination was accepted to be a business community reference group member to work with Council in the development of a structure plan for the Greater Batemans Bay.

International Recognition

SBS Digital Design magazine showcases talented graphic designers from around the globe. In April 2005 SBS ran a feature article on Bjarni Wark, frontman at bj2design regarding his highly innovative and creative photoshop skills. View the complete article.

bj2design feature

Eurobodalla Cultural Planning Reference Member

Bjarni Wark was pleased to accept his appointment as a member for the Eurobodalla Cultural Planning Reference Group. Some of the Groups role is to assist in the development of Strategies, to represent the Eurobodalla community and to provide advice to SEAR on the development of the Cultural Plan.

Reloaded Design Exhibition Award

Frank Arnold congratulates Bjarni Wark on his creative design efforts. Bjarni received 1st prize and a 2 week internship at Quantum Ideas Bureau where Bjarni worked on client projects for the Attorney Generals Office, Recreational Aviation Australia and Trans ACT.

Frank Arnold and Bjarni Wark Design Award

AGDA Council Member

Bjarni Wark (bj2design) was elected in 2003 and 2004 to be a council member for the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). Some of AGDA's objectives are to inform the general public what is good design and its values.

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