Website Content Management

With a content management system (CMS) integrated with your website design you can add web content as you like. This can include adding new text to web pages, creating new web pages and adding images and links without having to know how to code (x)html.

Custom or Open Source CMS

A CMS website can be either a custom developed solution (this is normally a more expensive option, though is customised specifically around the website needs) or an open source CMS can be used then integrated with your web design. The kind of CMS really depends upon what website functionality is needed and what will be the easiest for you to use. Bj2design focuses on using open source solutions and Adobe Contribute.

CMS website example

An example of a website where Bj2design integrated a CMS with a custom design is Steph’s Patchwork Fabrics & Stitching Supplies in Moruya.

stephs website

If you have any further questions or would like a quote on how to get a CMS intergrated into your own website, contact Bj2design.

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