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Need to add FullCodePress story here, include initial application to be considered as a member of the Codaroos team, the pre-design preparation (included possible layout grids being either 7 or 12 columns, fonts styling for eligibility and easy scanning, as well as reviewing a large number of non profit websites) and training before hand.

fullcodepress codaroos

The above photograph is of the Codaroos and client after the 24 hour FullCodePress event with the winning trophy.

FullCodePress Websites

Here are the three end websites produced by the Australian (Codaroos), American (Team USA) and New Zealand (Code Blacks) teams.

Lions Hearing Dogs website by the Codaroos

Victoria House website by Team USA

Te Hua Rangatahi website by the Code Blacks

Why the Codaroos took first place at FullCodePress

The following points was taken from the FullCodePress website Some points made from the judges where:

fullcodepress Bjarni Wark

FullCodePress 2011

Its on again for another year, you can read all about it on the FullCodePress wesbite.